How-to Convert Dts,MKV to AC3,TS

As I use my Playstation 3 to watch my Movies/TV-Shows, I often run into problems with codec support.

As everyone knows, the PS3 doesn’t support .mkv and dts. But there is no need to convert the whole movie to mp4 or else.

What you need:

  1. Ubuntu (I don’t know for Windows)
  2. mkvdts2ac3 from this site:
  3. tsmuxer
  4. If you want to stream from the pc: Mediatomb (also in the repositories)


  1. Install all the programs as needed
  2. open a terminal, navigate to the mkvdts2ac3 folder
  3. Execute: -d SomeMovie.mkv
    This takes some time as the script takes the dts track and converts it to ac3, then integrates the ac3 track into the mkv container
  4. Go to the tsMuxeR folder and double-click on tsMuxerGUI
  5. Choose the movie, make sure TS muxing is chosen in the Output tab, than press Start muxing
  6. Your .ts file with the ac3 track is now ready to be copied to the PS3.
  7. If you want to stream using Mediatomb, you have to change a few settings. There are plenty of sites out there that describe this. You don’t need enconding-on-the-fly as the PS3 can read .ts containers just fine.

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