How to: Folder Cover for Ubuntu

If you recently switched from Windows to Ubuntu, you might wonder where the Folder Cover function is. In Nautilus, this feature is not available, but there is a nifty little program called Cover Thumbnailer that does the trick.


Method 1 (the clicky way):

Simply open your Ubuntu Software Center, click Edit -> Software Sources. Switch to the Other Software tab, click Add and enter:


Click Add Source and then close.
Give it a moment as the Software Center refreshes the sources, then search for


Hit install. When it has finished, restart the system or simply open a Terminal window and enter:

nautilus -q && nautilus

This restarts the file manager to allow the cover-thumbnailer program to work. You only have to do this once.


Method 2: The terminal way

An easier way would have been the Terminal way:
open a terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flozz/flozz
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cover-thumbnailer
nautilus -q && nautilus





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