VLC audio delay in Ubuntu fix

October 30, 2011

If your audio is always a second late in VLC, try this workaround.

gksudo gedit /etc/pulse/default.pa

Find the line:
load-module module-udev-detect
and append: tsched=0
It now reads:
load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0

Now, restart pulseaudio with
pulseaudio -k

This should solve the problem


VLC: Open only one window

February 23, 2011

If you want to play your media files in VLC, you certainly want it to open multiple windows if you open multiple files.

One instance (window) is helpful if you want to create a playlist by simply clicking on your files in the file explorer. This way is verified to work in Ubuntu: Read the rest of this entry »

How to: Keylogger in Ubuntu

February 17, 2011

Logkeys is a gread program to record every keystroke.

To do so, enter in your terminal window:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install logkeys Read the rest of this entry »

Fast Picture Sorter for Ubuntu (Update:Video)

February 15, 2011

Did you ever feel the need to go through a huge pile of pictures and sort them in different folders?

This script opens the pictures and you have the choice to move them directly to a folder by only pressing one key.

How does it work? Read the rest of this entry »

How to: Ubuntu clean Desktop

February 11, 2011

So you got a nice and clean wallpaper? Are you annoyed of the new volumes (USB disk, memory stick) appearing on the desktop? Here’s a simple way to hide them from the desktop: Read the rest of this entry »

4chan Downloader for Ubuntu

February 10, 2011

You all know it, love or hate it.

Here is a script that automatically downloads all the pictures of a given board. It goes through all the threads and saves the pictures in the same folder the script file is in. Read the rest of this entry »

How to: Folder Cover for Ubuntu

February 10, 2011

If you recently switched from Windows to Ubuntu, you might wonder where the Folder Cover function is. In Nautilus, this feature is not available, but there is a nifty little program called Cover Thumbnailer that does the trick. Read the rest of this entry »